Organization Structuring and Strategy Formulation

“If you decide not formally to plan for your business, you have already decided to fail. Let our experts guide you, to structure your organizational operations, increase the efficiency and formulate a workable strategy for your business, in order for you, to achieve your set goals“.

At TALEMWA, our focus is on three key areas:


We use the best business analysis techniques, to analyze the entire organization operations. We develop or review their Vision and Missions. We go through our clients’ business models, we analyze their short-term and long term strategies for accomplishing set missions. We make analysis of their processes and systems set to achieve the set missions. Based on the analyzed inputs, we set efficient and coordinated operations systems. We conduct job analysis based on the job positions, roles and responsibilities. We suggest the new positions to add or remove and their respective roles. We review and design effective organizational structures. Then, we suggest effective and efficient technology/process for implementation. Based on these inputs, we develop appropriate business strategies for our clients and support them during implementation.